Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Biggest Worry

Hello SALTies!
We just started posting summaries of what we learn during Youth Hour. It is handy for everyone especially for those who missed it. This is what we learned on last Saturday (19.06.2010)
Serena shared with us about a little something that is called "Our Biggest Worry"

-Everyone shared their current biggest worry in life. All of us who were present participated in this.
-Everyone has their own personal worry such as jobs, exams, school and even our future.
-Then everyone shared our own proudest achievement in life and then we were asked what would make it better. Reason:
  • We often wish things could be better than what we have/not satisfied with what we achieved.
-Different stages of life have different concerns. Eg:
  • A baby only has to worry about milk when hungry
  • A school student worries about waking up early in the morning to go to school and of course, exams.
  • An adult worries about his workplace, incomes, etc.
-Different individuals have their own worries even they are at the same age.
-We should provide support for one another by talking and giving council to build a good support among us
-The bible even told us to edify one another, encourage and to support as it will help us to grow.
-To overcome worries and concerns consult someone who might have went through the same situation that we are in. A youth leaders, church leaders, pastor, etc..
-We should also incline or ears to God's voice by reading His words and praying.
-God will help us through the Holy Spirit. It comes by our conscience and also conviction.
-We should talk to God in order to form a good relationship with Him.
-Before making any decision, we should consult God for wisdom.
-We should do our parts too. Ex: If someone prayed to score an 'A' for a subject, he should study and God will make a way to help him.
-At times we feel that God isn't answering our prayers. It is because God knows the best timing for everything.
-Have patience when you pray for something.

This would be a good guideline for those who went back to school after a two-week holiday. God bless you all and see you all next week . ^^

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hour 5- the Foundation (the Fear of God)

Dear friends,

This is a summary on what we learnt last saturday (12.06.2010)
This is a part of our 12 hour series, Driven By Eternity.

The Fear of the Lord

- is not being afraid of God
ex: hiding ourselves from God

-the Manifestation of the Fear of God is obedience

- But the Fear of God helps us keep all of His commandments at all times (Deu 5:29)

- the fear of God keeps us from sinning (Heb. 3:13)

- The Fear of the Lord is the begining of wisdom and knowledge

Have a blessed week ahead. See you next week.. :)