Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prayer for the FAMILY

Hey friends,

Here's a quick update on what we did last saturday.
We continued on the series on prayer- for the FAMILY
Here's a guide on what to pray for; 7 points for 7 days(a week) till we see each other next week for the next topic.

1. Peace, Love and Understanding in the family
- that His love reign
2. Protection
- against any harm
3. Wisdom
- for fathers, the head of the family
- for family members
4. Strength
- have the Joy of the Lord
5. Walk in the ways of God
- Life a Godly life
6. Providence
-we shall lack nothing,such as materials and finance
7. Establishing an alter with God
-every member having a strong spiritual walk

After that, we gathered at the cafetreia to celebrate the birtday of the October babies, Joanna and Eugene.

Happy Birthday !

God bless you all.