Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hi guys!
How’s the holiday coming along? Good?
Well, for those who did not attend the WEEKEND RETREAT at Sunway Cheras last Friday, I know you guys are waiting to hear about it! We had a marvelous time together didn't we guys?

WEEKEND RETREAT 18th – 19th September

Friday, 18th September
First, we all gathered at Pastor Joel’s house at about 7.30 pm, played TABOO a while then, we headed to the Cheras Church for prayer meeting. It was the first time for a few of us. We had a good time of testimony & prayer request with the Cheras saints.
After that, everyone’s tummy was growling. We needed FOOD! So, we headed to get some at a nearby Chinese Restaurant. We had a great time catching up with one another while filling our tummies. Then we called it a day and headed to bed.

Saturday, 19th September
By 8 everyone was up and about getting ready for the day. We had a lovely breakfast. Thank you Aunty Doris for the perfect milo, tea, and coffee . Our breakfast was filled with so much stories & laughter. Then at 9.30 we had a time of worship which then continued with a message from Sis Lorraine. Her message was based on a scripture from 2 Thessalonians 2. She explained the meaning of the context and she shared on how God, back in the days revealed Himself to us as the God of provision, but NOW, He wants to reveal Himself to us in this generation as the God of Love. And He wants to use us, the youths of this generation to be the “hands and feet” for His love to be spread to the lost and hungry ones out there. He wants to have a great end time revival as the latter rain will be greater than everything that has ever been seen. But everything boils down to the passion we have towards Him. If we could be able to embrace His love for us, nothing will be able to hold us back form being the explosive dynamite of our time. The beautiful spirit of God swept that place and we dwelt in awe of His glory.
We headed for lunch at GAIA.. hehe.. a yummy restaurant! After that delicious lunch, we headed back to Kepong.

All in all, we had a memorable retreat. We are now equipped with more of God's word.

here are some pictures:
[thank you eleanor, our official photographer for the cool pictures]

We would like to say a big thank you to:
Aunty Lorraine & Uncle Gary
Aunty Doris
Pastor Joel & Anna

love, the SALT KL :)