Monday, September 7, 2009

To Be Successful

Hi buddies!

Today’s a holiday! Yay!:) Anyway, to those who did not attend last week’s youth gathering, here’s what we did.. To those who came, it will be good to read it again and remember to apply it in our life.

Pastor Leow’s topic was “To Be Successful” He gave an example of a successful person in the bible, King David. Everyone would definitely want to be a successful person someday, but first, establishing a good solid relationship with God will only lead you to true success. Here are 3 points that Pastor Leow stressed on:

1 You have to Get to know God!
You can get closer with Jesus through prayer, fasting and by reading the word.
2 You have to live under authority.
This means you have to be subjected to your parents, the word of God, your pastor & leadership. We have to honor and respect them. We should not rebel against them because rebellion is a sin of witchcraft!
3 Don’t be influenced by the world!
Remember that we are all in the world but not of the world. Don’t be conformed any longer to the patterns of the world. (Romans 12:2) Be influenced by God not the world!

Pastor Leow also shared many of his own experience of submitting to God and living under authorities. He also told us some really amazing stories of how God blessed him & his family. Because he submitted himself and followed the word of God, he is now a good example of a successful man of God.

His sharing has definitely inspired me and of course to all of us too! :)

We ended our Youth Hour by completing our hand made prayer clock. The week before, Jinho shared about Prayer. He taught us a guide to pray.

Here a picture of a sample prayer guide
Working hard to make a good prayer clock

Everyone proud of their hand-made prayer clock :)

TQ Cynthia for donating a monopoly set to the youths… :)

All in all, we had a great time learning the word of God.

Do join us next week at 4.30 pm – 2nd Sanctuary for an exciting time!

JESUS bless you!

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