Thursday, August 6, 2009

are you DRUNK enough?

How can our spiritual lives be related with the life of a drunkard? Or rather, what can we learn from their lifestyle that can enhance our personal spiritual walk in Christ?

Well, this was the topic that our dear Sharon Marie shared last weekend. We started of with a time of fellowship and games followed by praise and worship. This is a few things I would like to share on this interesting topic that she shared last weekend.

Being “drunk” means to be under the influence of something, which most commonly is associated with alcohol. Similarly, our lives ought to always be led by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Firstly, a drunkard is never alone. They’re always with their “kaki botol” buddies when they get drunk and are having a jolly good time. We ought to be just like that, always with our brothers and sisters in Christ, worshiping and fellowshipping together.

To a drunkard, everything is beautiful. Therefore, he looks at everything and he sees the beauty in it. We all should take off our sunglasses of criticism and look at everyone as being specially made by God. We’d also take pleasure in serving in the church.

A drunkard also experiences hangover. It is the after effects of the reducing alcohol in their system. Similarly, we have to constantly replenish ourselves as we tend to drift away from the His ways. That’s why we have to always read his word and have an on-going relationship with Him.

So let us all remember to be always spiritually inclined to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
God bless you and hope you all have a blessed week ahead :)

ps: Thank you dear sharon marie for sharing with us! Truly, we were blessed..
love, the SALT kl

thank you karl & shannon for the pics

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