Saturday, August 29, 2009


Dear friends,

During last week’s youth meeting, we had Pastor Leow spend some time with us to share on “the WORLD and YOU”. First, we started of with an exciting and encouraging time of testimony followed by a beautiful time of praise and worship.

Pastor started his sharing by quoting that the ultimate key to true success is a firm foundation. Though we live in a democratic world, the church is theocratic.
There are 4, the Law of God, the Mind, Sin, and the Holy Spirit. We often realize that the decisions we make are merely to please our selfish desires, our peers, or parents. But we ought to get the world in proper perspective and set our priorities right. Only then can we full-heartedly and willingly please God, and choose to obey the Law of God and the Holy Spirit, the route to true success.

Just like the prisoner who looked out the prison bar and choose to be awed by the beautiful starts instead of the mud, let’s turn our eyes to Him and choose take up our cross and follow Christ!

Till next week, God Bless.
Ps: Looking forward to hearing some great news from Cameron Highlands.