Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saturday Review

Hello everyone,

Hope that you're all doing great! Here's a quick review of what happened the last week during our weekly youth gathering.

We started off with a time of testimony, to hear what are some of the good things God has done in our lives the past week. After that we went in to praise and worship session. It's always great to be able to do so for our God. :)

Joanna and Vanessa then went on to share with us about the importance of encouragement. We learnt about the importance of encouragement in our daily lives, and how as often as possible we need to exalt one another, as it is said in Hebrews 3:13. Also like how in Acts 9: 23-27, how Barnabas exalted Saul while no one believed that he was now a disciple.

So everyone, remember to always encourage and support your family and friends! :)

After the teaching, we had a surprise Birthday and Farewell party for Henndrie! We all had some delicious food prepared for everyone and it was a blast!

To Henndrie,
Have a safe trip back.
We pray that Jesus will guide you and
protect you always!
love, the SALT KL

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