Thursday, July 9, 2009

Saturday review

Hi friends !

Hope you had a great week so far!
Here’s a quick review on the very exciting last two youth gatherings.

27th JUNE
We started off with a fun ice breaker, then we had a time of praise & worship which was then continued with a great message by Pastor Joel on Prayer! He emphasize on what the
meaning of prayer is, why do we need to pray and how to pray..

Here are some pictures ….

> the ice-breaker

> message from Joel

time of prayer

We learned a lot didn’t we guys? So lets remember that prayer is not all about asking God for what we want, its way more than that..! The ultimate way is to do it out of LOVE :)

Ps: Do check out the youth notice board soon for an exclusive “4 minute interview with Pastor Joel!”
> sneak preview of the interview! :)

4th JULY!

We started of with a time of testimony. We all definitely did have something good to share about the great things Jesus had done!
Then was a good sharing by Vanessa on Loneliness. We must always remember that loneliness is only a state of mind, not a life sentence.We also discussed ways on overcoming loneliness..
  • Love yourself, for we are accepted!
  • Avoid dependency on others
  • Thankfullness

    We ended with a free face-to-face tutorial on how to fix a rubix in 2 minutes! By the professional Neville! We all tried learning from him but fail to because he is just simple too fast & good! He does it really fast!

    Here are some pics..

> Sharing by Vanessa

> The free tutorial !

> end product done in 2 minutes..! (".)

All in all, we have been having really great gatherings every Saturday. So u guys don’t miss out in the great things God has in stored for us! Join us every Saturday!

Stay tuned for more updates!

May Jesus bless you all abundantly !

Charissa :)

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