Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday Review

Hi guys!..
How has your week been going? Good ?
Excellent I’m sure!
Anyway, here’s what we did last Saturday..

We started out with a time of worship then we continued with a game. We played “charades “this time. It was really hilarious seeing one another trying to act out weird sentences! But it was a good ice breaker though.. :)

Then, we broke into 2 groups for bible study. The topic for lesson 1 was “GOD and YOU – the intimate relationship”. We talked about how we perceive God and how does God perceive us. Although human beings appear so insignificant, God wants a personal relationship with each of His creation. We then learned about what hinders this relationship, SIN.. and how God’s love found a way! It was indeed a great bible study.

We ended our gathering with music classes! Yup, we broke into 3 groups. One was the guitar lessons, the other was the piano and drum lessons. O, and there was a rubix lesson too ! It was really fun learning from one another! J We definitely learned something!

Here are some pictures of the lessons in action:

guitar class

rubix lesson

Piano lessons

Drum lessons

So, do join us every Saturday. We‘ve got exciting things planned.
Stay tuned for the details of our gatherings.

May you all have a fruitful week !
Jesus bless you!

Charissa :)

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