Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saturday Review

Hello everyone,

Hope that you're all doing great! Here's a quick review of what happened the last week during our weekly youth gathering.

We started off with a time of testimony, to hear what are some of the good things God has done in our lives the past week. After that we went in to praise and worship session. It's always great to be able to do so for our God. :)

Joanna and Vanessa then went on to share with us about the importance of encouragement. We learnt about the importance of encouragement in our daily lives, and how as often as possible we need to exalt one another, as it is said in Hebrews 3:13. Also like how in Acts 9: 23-27, how Barnabas exalted Saul while no one believed that he was now a disciple.

So everyone, remember to always encourage and support your family and friends! :)

After the teaching, we had a surprise Birthday and Farewell party for Henndrie! We all had some delicious food prepared for everyone and it was a blast!

To Henndrie,
Have a safe trip back.
We pray that Jesus will guide you and
protect you always!
love, the SALT KL

Monday, July 27, 2009



We pray that Jesus will bless your special day

with happy times that are a pleasure to remember all year long.
May the fullness of God's love surround you today and always.
Happy Birthday!

From, the SALT KL

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick announcement

Hey Guys,

Hope you're all doing well. Just a real quick announcement. If you've already got a Gmail (Google) ID, we'd like all the youth members of the SALT KL to follow this blog with a picture of yourself attached. =) For those of you who still don't own one, it would be great if you could create one and do the same too. :)

That's about it, hoping to see you all this coming Saturday!!

God Bless!!!

25th JULY youth gathering.

Hi everyone!
How was your week?

Loaded with school work and assignments?
This will be a great time for you to join our youth gathering to refresh yourself
and to lift up one another!

Here are the details:


Saturday, 25th July

4.30 - 6 pm

2nd Sanctuary

See you guys there and come expecting something great!

Jesus bless you all!

Charissa :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday Review

Hi guys!..
How has your week been going? Good ?
Excellent I’m sure!
Anyway, here’s what we did last Saturday..

We started out with a time of worship then we continued with a game. We played “charades “this time. It was really hilarious seeing one another trying to act out weird sentences! But it was a good ice breaker though.. :)

Then, we broke into 2 groups for bible study. The topic for lesson 1 was “GOD and YOU – the intimate relationship”. We talked about how we perceive God and how does God perceive us. Although human beings appear so insignificant, God wants a personal relationship with each of His creation. We then learned about what hinders this relationship, SIN.. and how God’s love found a way! It was indeed a great bible study.

We ended our gathering with music classes! Yup, we broke into 3 groups. One was the guitar lessons, the other was the piano and drum lessons. O, and there was a rubix lesson too ! It was really fun learning from one another! J We definitely learned something!

Here are some pictures of the lessons in action:

guitar class

rubix lesson

Piano lessons

Drum lessons

So, do join us every Saturday. We‘ve got exciting things planned.
Stay tuned for the details of our gatherings.

May you all have a fruitful week !
Jesus bless you!

Charissa :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saturday Review

Hey guys! Hope that you're all doing well.
Here is a recap of what happened the past Saturday.

July 11th
We started off with a time of testimony, sharing with one another the good things God has done for us. After that we had a time of praise and worship. :)

After that, the youth were surprised when we were asked to do some community service by picking up rubbish outside the church. Why? Hint: It has something to do with the topic of the day. Haha, we all laughed and cried together, but it was still had lots of fun. :)
here are some pics:

the rubbish we collected ..yeah!!

Charissa then shared with us a message on Talents. On the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30, we learned that talents were very valuable in those days, as each talent represented a large sum of money. 3 Servants were given talents by their master, and all but one went out and multiplied their talents for their master. The 2 were then praised by their masters, but the one who did not do anything with his talent and had it taken from him.

Just like the 3 servants, we were all given talents by God, but we need to use it for God's Kingdom and to bless others, not keep it to ourselves. Picking up rubbish was just one of the ways we can use our talents. :) We were then asked to make a list of all our talents and how we can use them for God's Kingdom.

It was another great gathering for the youth, so do join us every Saturday to hear the message God has for us!!

Have a blessed week ahead!! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

11th July youth gathering

Hello my friends!
Hope you had a wonderful week.

A little reminder for this Saturday ..

The Talents

Saturday, 11th July


4.30 - 6pm


So guys, See you there!
Jesus bless you all :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Saturday review

Hi friends !

Hope you had a great week so far!
Here’s a quick review on the very exciting last two youth gatherings.

27th JUNE
We started off with a fun ice breaker, then we had a time of praise & worship which was then continued with a great message by Pastor Joel on Prayer! He emphasize on what the
meaning of prayer is, why do we need to pray and how to pray..

Here are some pictures ….

> the ice-breaker

> message from Joel

time of prayer

We learned a lot didn’t we guys? So lets remember that prayer is not all about asking God for what we want, its way more than that..! The ultimate way is to do it out of LOVE :)

Ps: Do check out the youth notice board soon for an exclusive “4 minute interview with Pastor Joel!”
> sneak preview of the interview! :)

4th JULY!

We started of with a time of testimony. We all definitely did have something good to share about the great things Jesus had done!
Then was a good sharing by Vanessa on Loneliness. We must always remember that loneliness is only a state of mind, not a life sentence.We also discussed ways on overcoming loneliness..
  • Love yourself, for we are accepted!
  • Avoid dependency on others
  • Thankfullness

    We ended with a free face-to-face tutorial on how to fix a rubix in 2 minutes! By the professional Neville! We all tried learning from him but fail to because he is just simple too fast & good! He does it really fast!

    Here are some pics..

> Sharing by Vanessa

> The free tutorial !

> end product done in 2 minutes..! (".)

All in all, we have been having really great gatherings every Saturday. So u guys don’t miss out in the great things God has in stored for us! Join us every Saturday!

Stay tuned for more updates!

May Jesus bless you all abundantly !

Charissa :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th July Youth Gathering

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great week.

Here's a bit of update on what's happening on this Saturday's youth gathering.

Day: Saturday, 4th July 2009

Time: 4.00pm - 6.00pm

Venue: 2nd Sanctuary

Topic: Loneliness

Expect a great time there together and all your friends are welcome. Pass this message on to your prayer buddies as well. Hope to see you there, and God bless you all! ^^