Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Park Trip - event flashback

Hey everyone..
This is a little update on our recent outdoor activity,

Early that morning, we gathered at church as we waited for all the youths to arrive. With the help of the parents, we reached our destination in no time. We managed to pick a shady spot that overlooked that beautiful lake.

We started our day of with FOOD n’ FELLOWSHIP.

After filling up our tummies, we sang a few songs of praise and worship. It was wonderful, just to be able to praise and worship God in that beautiful weather and atmosphere.

We played a few games to kick start the fun.

“Passing the Rubber band”.. Group A (top) won.

Group A (above), Group B (below)

… and the winner is… (drum roll…)
Group A

Last but not least, the “LONGEST LINE”
** Hail all ye Pentecostal Ladies, here’s when your hair comes in handy.
And yes, Group A won again.. hehe
the winners ..
though they did'nt win, surely they did have fun !
After a short break, we decided to get back on our feet to have more fun.
The game of football eventually turned into being a free tutorial lesson for the girls on “How to Kick a Ball”.

At noon, we started packing up.
Singing joyfully as we strut down the streets of Kepong, we left the park and headed back to church.

What a memorable day! A big thank you to all the parents who have contributed in all ways.
And to all the SALT-ies, we did it. But most of all, praise God for allowing everything to turn out beautifully.


Friday, June 26, 2009

this week's Youth Gathering - Prayer

Hi friends!
Hope you've had a fruitful week.

Just a little reminder for this Saturday..

Saturday, 27 June
4.30 - 6pm
Joel Charles
So guys, bring a friend along! See you there! and come expecting something great!
Jesus bless you all =)


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